The Barboza Method
Posture. Strength. Flexibility.
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A full body, no impact workout.
No weights. No machines.
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About us

The Barboza Method is a full body, no impact workout that is all done on the floor. No Weights, no machines. Just you, me, and the mat. The studio is designed with mirrors on the ceiling to see your body’s proper alignment. This class improves strength, flexibility, and posture

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The Barboza Method

Created by Stefanie Barboza, The Barboza Method is a no impact, full body workout done entirely on the floor. Improve your posture, strength, and flexibility without the use of weights or machine—just you, me, and a mat.

All Fitness Levels

No matter your level of fitness, Stefanie Barboza and all the Barboza Method Studio instructors will work with you to meet your personal goals. Our group classes offer individualized instruction for each student.

Studio Membership

Your studio membership grants access to unlimited classes at The Barboza Method Studio. Our classes are ballet, stretch, restorative yoga, and the original Barboza Method workout and Barboza Intro for beginners.

Such a great workout! Stefanie is a true professional with heart. She helps everyone in class have the correct alignment and posture. It’s a tough workout and great!!

Studio Teachers

Stefanie Barboza

Creator of The Barboza Method

Sarah Frisz

Barboza Method Teacher

Michaela Putala

Barboza Method Teacher

Kate Eipl

Yoga + Sound Bath Teacher

Sky Nicholas

Stretch Class Teacher

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