In accordance with the mandated shutdown and to keep everyone safe and healthy, The Barboza Method Studio is temporarily closed and all classes have moved online.

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No weights. No machines. Just you, me, and a mat.

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The Barboza Method

Created by Stefanie Barboza, The Barboza Method is a no impact, full body workout done entirely on the floor. Improve your posture, strength, and flexibility without the use of weights or machine—just you, me, and a mat.

All Fitness Levels

No matter your level of fitness, Stefanie Barboza and all the Barboza Method Studio instructors will work with you to meet your personal goals. Our group classes offer individualized instruction for each student.

Studio Membership

Your studio membership grants access to unlimited classes at The Barboza Method Studio. Our classes are ballet, stretch, restorative yoga, and the original Barboza Method workout and Barboza Intro for beginners. 

7611 Sunset Blvd.

The Barboza Method Studio offers classes Monday through Friday. Click the sign up button for full class schedule.

Before your first Barboza Method class, check out this introduction video. Stefanie Barboza takes you through the positions and basics you need to know. See you on the mat!

Studio Teachers


Holy Smokes! I come from a gymnastics background & The Barboza Method kicks my ass! I love going to a class that requires only my body and its natural resistance to work me out—I typically feel sore for a whole week after just 1 class! I never feel quite as worked out when I go to the regular old, boring gym with my boyfriend! If you’re looking for a great workout that will make you feel fulfilled, like you’re getting your money’s worth & that will make your body look AMAZING, The Barboza Method IS FOR YOU!

The Barboza Method is a great all body workout that I highly recommend to anyone, regardless of their fitness level. It’s simple yet extremely challenging and effective.

This is a method that lengthens and tones your whole body using non-impact movements—And the whole workout is done on the floor. It’s the first workout that I have done and felt a burst of energy afterwards. My posture has changed dramatically and my muscles are now longer and leaner.

I am a personal trainer and this is by far the best workout I have done in years. I have done all types of strength training, TRX training, boot camps—and this one tops them all.

I am sore and in all the right places and ways. I have started telling people about you… I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from seeing you. Just promise me when they flood you that you will still have time for me.

Bluntly, I am impressed. You know bodies, my body and issues so well! You demonstrate everything with your body the way I did teaching gymnastics. You are so hands-on. You ignored my age and cancer and worked me like a 20 year-old Broadway dancer. You are terrific.

Great workout! I’m fairly active and I found that there were muscles that seemed like I had never even worked! I was sore after my first class. Stefanie is very dedicated to showing you correct posture to maximize joint health and flexibility.

My stomach looks different since the class. I can see contours. Does that happen after one workout? Amazing.