Workout Mirror By Barboza

Create your perfect home gym with a new point of view. This workout mirror kit will help you get the most out of your home workout or dance class while decreasing your risk of injuries. The light weight mylar mirrors placed on the wall and ceiling give you optimal views of your positions to see and self correct your alignment and form. It’s not just what you do it’s how you do it; with this mirror kit now you can see it, fix it and do it right. 

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Full Kit

(Wall and ceiling mirror)
5×5 5×5 $ 985  ADD TO CART
6×6 6×6 $ 1155 ADD TO CART
5×6 5×6 $ 955  ADD TO CART
Wall and ceiling mounts included $35 + $170
Shipping not included estimated $200-$300 depending on location

Includes free cleaning kit

Mylar mirror is a lightweight, shatterproof mirror perfect for hanging overhead. These mirrors can be installed just about anywhere in place of traditional glass mirrors. Mylar mirrors are offered with pre-drilled holes & mounting brackets so you can use your mylar mirror any way that you please.

Half Kit

(Ceiling mirror)
5×5 $ 560 ADD TO CART
6×6 $ 645 ADD TO CART
5×6 $ 545 ADD TO CART
Ceiling mounts included $170
Shipping not included estimated $200-$300 depending on location

Mirrors help you see your form in all types of workout methods. You can use it for pilates, boxing bands, hiit, yoga, cardio, weight lifting, dance, aerobic, aerobic, circuit compound, cross functional, isometric, plyometrics, resistance and tabata.

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