Retreat Yourself

Re-Treat Yourself 2021!
Barboza Method’s Weekend Getaway

Coming Spring 2021

Barboza Method’s Re-Treat Yourself! An all-inclusive wellness retreat in partnership with the MILE Program, encouraging everyone to go the extra mile!
— Motivate, Inspire, Love, and Educate.
The retreat is in beautiful Santa Barbara. This weekend is going to be epic, so get ready!

It’ll be a full schedule—Barboza Method fitness classes, yoga & goat yoga, meditation, sound bath, cooking class, flash mob choreography class (all levels) and a performance that will take place in Downtown Santa Barbara, motivational speakers, special guests, gift bags and more! It will be a weekend to remember.

Re-Treat Yourself is the perfect place to take a step out of your daily grind to revitalize your spirit, refresh your mind, engage your body, delight your soul, and transform your awareness.

Special Offer For Barboza Method Studio Members—You’ll be the first to access tickets as soon as they go on sale.

This was the fun we had at
ReTreat Yourself 2019