Posture: practice makes permanent

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Foundation. It’s a concept that means so much to us. In life, we build lots of foundations—a good education, a skill to carry us through work, a group of friends, family, a place to live. These are the building blocks of our lives. We go through life from the starting point of our foundation, and we grow from that point to our biggest dreams. The most basic, primary foundation for each of us is the body.

A strong body is reflected in good posture. A strong core is the foundation for good posture and a body that will take you throughout your day. No one wants to get exhausted half way through your day. I want you to feel strong and confident all day! Workouts can help you achieve good posture. In my training sessions with my clients I focus on body alignment, which in turn helps to improve posture. Strengthening your body can help you get perfect posture. A favorite teacher of mine would always say—”Practice makes permanent”. She wasn’t talking about posture, strength, or fitness specifically but it is a universal truth—the more you do something, the more lasting and permanent that thing becomes. So work at your strength and posture—you will feel the difference and improve your health and wellness.

Let the foundation of your body—your posture—carry you through life. Keep moving and keep getting stronger!