Re-Treat Yourself

Re-Treat Yourself! Barboza Method’s Weekend Getaway

Re-Treat Yourself! Barboza Method’s Weekend Getaway
Welcome to Barboza Method’s RE-TREAT YOURSELF! An all inclusive, 3-day 2-night wellness retreat and the inaugural event of The MILE Program encouraging everyone to go that extra mile!

—Motivate, Inspire, Love & Educate—

The retreat is Friday to Sunday, September 20th–22nd.
Our location is Laurel Springs Ranch, Jane Fonda’s old wellness retreat center in Santa Barbara. This place is straight out of the 80s. This weekend is going to be epic so get ready!

Here is what will be going on and everything is of course optional.
Group Barboza Method fitness classes, yoga & goat yoga, meditation, astrology & sound bath, tequila tasting, “Oh Mickey” Flash Mob choreography class (all levels) that will take place in Downtown Santa Barbara. We will also have motivational speakers Jonathan Koch, health coach and chef Donna Huggins, and a mindful eating workshop with nutritionist Michaela Putala, RDN.

Your purchase of a ticket reserves your bed, six meals with vegan options, full access to all classes and guest speakers. We are on a ranch so it’s cabin style bedrooms. Single and shared rooms are available. Menu made by our nutritionist and prepared by our guest chef.

Laurel Springs Ranch is the perfect place to take a step out of your daily grind to revitalize your spirit, refresh your mind, engage your body, delight your soul and transform your awareness.

Re-Treat Yourself September 20th–22nd

We have a weekend filled with activities to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Everything is optional—you choose what you want to go to.

  • Barboza Method classes daily
  • Yoga and Goat Yoga
  • Astrology Star Gazing at night
  • Stretch Session
  • Motivational Speaker Jonathan Koch
  • Motivational Speaker Susan Nanus
  • Mindful Eating with Michaela Putala
  • Tequila Tasting
  • Dance Flash Mob in Downtown Santa Barbara
  • Meditation
  • Throwback Jane Fonda Style Workout
  • Kosher meals and vegan options available
  • Get your tickets!