New Class! Beginners Barboza

It's your intro to Barboza Method. Start here to become a pro. Learn the positions, technique, and terminology while building strength and flexibility. Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am and 6pm.

The Barboza Method

The original floor barre style class, created by Stefanie Barboza. A full body, no impact class—all done on the floor. No weights, no machines—just you, me, and the mat. Improve your posture, strength, body awareness, balance, and flexibility. 

Contemporary Ballet

Our ballet class is designed for the ballerina that has been on hiatus and is now making a come back. Brush up on technique and get back into dance! Class starts with basic barre, center, then across the floor. Then you have the option to stay after class for an extra 15 minutes for a contemporary ballet/modern combination. We will go over the dance from the class before and start a new one.  

Sound Bath

Start your week with a reboot with the relaxing experience fusing the healing effects of chakra-tuned crystal singing bowls. Sound vibrations from the bowls resonate throughout the body to help induce the theta brainwave state, promoting meditation and the release of bad vibes, energetic imbalances, and muscular and mental tension. Sound baths are often used therapeutically.

TheraBand Stretch Class

This is a stretch class built for all types, levels, and flexibilities. The class focuses on expanding flexibility through relaxation and control with the assistance of Thera-Bands. Those with less flexibility will be able to achieve a great stretch and strengthen while lengthening. Increasing your flexibility helps prevent injuries and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

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