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Life is about balance. Yes, it sounds like a cliché but it is one that holds true. It’s true for work, life, exercise, food, finances, family—everything. I have found for myself that maintaining balance is the most effective way to achieve goals. It’s also the easiest way to achieve those goals, because it becomes thoughtless—you can […]

Strong as you

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The Strong Body. It’s what we all want. The strength to take us through our days, without getting tired or fatigued. We want our physical form to be able to keep up with our mind. You have a lot to do every day and I want you to do it all! You’re raising kids, working, […]


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As a trainer, one of my most frequent requests is: how to increase flexibility. Now, gaining flexibility doesn’t mean you need to be a human pretzel or a contortionist in Cirque de Soleil. Flexibility isn’t even about doing the splits both ways or a perfect back bend. Doing all of those things are the results. Results […]